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Job Mo Android-Phone: FAQs and How To's

On the homepage, you can enter your desired search term. The application will automatically fill in your location by GPS. If you would like to change the Country of your search, touch the Countries Box and a popup will display with a list of support languages and countries. When your finished, touch the "Find Jobs" Buttons. You will be presented with a new screen showing the search results.


Action Bar- Where they are and what do they do. 

The search Icon takes you back to the home screen wehre you can preform a new search. 
The All button displays all job search results. The Favorites button displays your list of favorited jobs and applied button shows your applied for jobs.

Tabs - What are their purpose. Jobs Tabs shows the job search results and detail. Near me shows all jobs on google maps. Salaries shows jobs salaries and Trends shows recent job trends nationwide.


Menu - You can access the menu by pressing the menu button on your android device. Here you can change filters, switch to a map, get help, information and disclaimers about us. You can also use the menu to contact us and bring up the calendar.

How do i filter my search results? Bring up the menu with your device and touch filters. Here you can, clear your filters, narrow your results by location, choose a minimum salary, a job type, type of employer and country.


Touch the GPS icon for the application to fill in the box with your location automatically. Alternatively, you can enter a different location by either, city, state or zip code. Press save when you are finished and the search will requery with your new filter.


The salary filter allows you to narrow down search results by the minimum salary. For example if you select $70,000 the results list will only display jobs that have a salary of $70,000 or higher.


Jobs can also be filtered by the position. You can choose to see only full-time, par-time, contract only, internships or temporary seasonal jobs.


The employer filters has two options. It can filter by direct hires, which only show job posting that were posted directly from the employer or it can show postings from recruiters.


JobMo supports over 20 countries and languages. If you are outside of the US, you can choose a different country and the search results will only display job within that country with localized languages.


What is the social media bar?
The social media bar is a toolbox for making actions related to a job. The social media bar allows you to mark a job as favorite and applied or post a job to your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts. You can also email jobs to yourself or your friends using this toolbar.


How do i email a job?
In the social media bar, touch the email icon. This will bring up a pre-populated email form. Just type in the destination email and press send.


How do I post a job to one of my social networks? If you have a friend or family member who may be a perfect candidate for a job you have found, you may want to post it 
to your social networks by touching the Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn buttons on the social media bar. A dialog will pop up and prompt you to sign in with your account, it will then ask you to allow JobMo posting access. Press grant and allow and the job will then soon be posted to your accounts for  your friends and family to see.


What is Near Me and how do I use it?
Near me shows all of the job search results in a map on their approximate location near your current location. You can touch a pin on the map to view its job posting or find commute time for driving to work.


Whats is In View? In View displays the total number of jobs currently displayed on the map.


How do I preform a new search? Press the search icon on the top action bar. This will take you back to the home screen where you can start a new search.

Where are my search results?
After you submit your search from the home screen, you will be taken to the results screen, which list jobs by Job Title and Company Name.


How do i view a job posting?
Touch a job in the results list to view the job details. The job details will be presented in text format, if you would like to view the original posting in HTMl, touch the "Web" button on the action bar. You can also switch back to text format by touching the text button.


How do i favorite a job to view later?
When your viewing a jobs detail, you can touch the star on the social media bar to save the job as a favorite. The star will change colors indicating that it has been added into your favorites list. You can review your favorited jobs later by touching the Favorites button in the action bar on the results screen.


How do i mark a job as applied for and save it into my calendar? Sometimes its useful to keep track of when you applied for a job. You can do this in JobMo by touching the applied for button in the social media bar, located to the right of the favorites button. You can later view all of the job you have previously applied for by touching the Applied button on the action bar on the results screen.


When you mark a job as applied for, the application will immediately add it into your phone's calendar, where you can see all the details of the job including job title, company, date applied for and the link to the job posting so you can view the job at any time while in your calendar.


How do I view current job trends?
Press the Trends tab to view jobs trends for your current search query.


How do i view salaries for the job i'm searching for?
Press the Salaries tab to view related job salaries for your your current search query.


How do i get rid of this annoying ad?
Buy the AdFree version for 99 cents.